Posted by: Regina | October 29, 2007

Bey in Ethiopia

Beyonce with Abune Paulos at the Trinity Cathedral Photo ENA

Beyonce gets so much hate, and a lot of it is really unfair.So here is something good about Beyonce sans interview faux pas or other issues.

An article from

Beyonce Considers Ethiopia As “Second Home” -ENA

Addis Ababa , October 21, 2007 (ENA) – The prominent artist Beyoncé Knowles said she would visit Ethiopian again in the near future.

After attending a congregation held at the Trinity Cathedral here on Sunday, Beyonce told the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch, Abune-Paulos that she would pay visit to Ethiopia, as she considers Ethiopia as her second home.

She made the decision to visit Ethiopia again at the request of Abune-Paulos.

“I feel like as a second home. I traveled many places before but I have never been to a place with a spirit like Ethiopia. I am very honored to have been in this beautiful place and I can’t wait to come back here again,” she said.

“I enjoyed myself…how wonderful Ethiopia is and I definitely can’t wait to come back,” said Beyonce, who was attired with Ethiopian tradional dress while attending the congregation.

An Amharic book that depicts the early history of Axum and that of Ethiopia since the last 2,000 years was presented to Beyonce on the occasion.

In an exclusive interview with ENA on Saturday, Beyonce said about the new Ethiopian millennium” The millennium is exciting it is very different. I don’t know I understand how we have two different millenniums. But I know now how it is in the year 2,000, it is very exciting. And I am happy to be a part of it.”

Beyoncé joins Ethiopia's anti polio immunization campaign

“ This is a beautiful country. This is an overwhelming day, it just makes me feel blessed that I am able to bless other people, “ she said.

The 26-year old artist came to Ethiopia to stage performance here the Millennium Hall that took place on Saturday.

While here, she had held talks with President Girma Wolde-giorgis and visited the national museum, among others.

Beyonce with Ethiopia's President Girma at National Palace in Ethiopia Photo ENA

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