Posted by: Regina | November 1, 2007

It’s Not Just Celebs – What Will $399 Buy?

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I found this post surfing around and it’s worth quoting and linking to:

What $399 Will Buy INSTEAD Of An iPhone

I must admit the iPhone is pretty cool, but do I really need the latest gadget? Especially when I can spend my money on something that matters and make a difference in the world. Here are some suggestions:

$399 can buy
20 flocks of geese (or)
20 flocks of ducks (or)
20 flocks of chicks (or)
12 rabbits (or)
10 colonies of honey bees (or)
1.5 water buffaloes (or)
2 llamas (or)
3 sheep (or)
4 shares of a heifer (or)
2 pigs
from Heifer International to help people around the world become self-reliant.

$399 can buy

Three Friends Pin from Kenya $12.00
Jute Wall Hanging from India $68.00
Hanging Photo Frame from Indonesia $38.00
Multicolored Shoulder Bag from Guatemala $28.00
Lotus Flower Candleholder from the Philippines $28.00
Bamboo Lounge Chair from Vietnam $74.00
Fretwork Shesham Box from India $34.00
Leaf & Bamboo Journal from Indonesia $14.00
Amethyst and Silver Earrings from Nepal $34.00
Daisy & Vine Serving Bowl from Vietnam $48.00
from Ten Thousand Villages which sells FAIR-trade handicrafts from around the world.

$399 can buy
$80 buys new clothing for a child who has lost everything,
$50 will buy one week’s worth of food for an adult,
$25 can provide an infant with formula or baby food for a week,
$25 can provide shoes for a child caught in a disaster,
$115 will buy groceries for a week for a family of four that has lost their home,
and $65 in materials and 36 volunteer hours are necessary to train an Instructor for First Aid and CPR
when you donate to the American Red Cross (Plus: giving blood doesn’t cost you a dime and it saves lives).

and $399 can buy two laptops from The One Laptop Per Child Project

In closing here are some lyrics from a song I wrote:
I don’t need another gadget to simplify my life,
I don’t need an organizer to tell me I’m disorganized,
I don’t need another product guaranteed to give me peace of mind,
If I want to be happy I need to take the time to smile.

The iPhone won’t make me happy, but $399 can go a long way towards giving someone else joy.

What else can $399 buy? Add your suggestions.

Click over for the links to all of those great things you can buy with $399.00


  1. […] I agree, that shopping is not the solution. Buy less junk and give more…however, that also was the point of the iPod post a few places down. […]

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