Posted by: Regina | November 8, 2007

Melinda Doolittle on Young People Who Rock

After a couple of days off, I’m back.

Melinda Doolittle who was a third place finalist on the 6th edition of American Idol has thrown her support behind Malaria No More.

She auditioned for “American Idol” with the Stevie Wonder song “For Once in My Life.” We know what happened next. Melinda Doolittle finished as the third place finalist of the sixth season of the show.

But what “Idol” fans might not know is that Melinda Doolittle isn’t content with limiting herself to entertainment. During her rapid rise to stardom she threw her support behind a cause that wasn’t so “celebre” — malaria. With Malaria No More, Doolittle traveled with first lady Laura Bush to Zambia and other countries in the “malaria belt” of Africa to raise awareness of the disease.

She believes that malaria can be eradicated — with medicine to treat the disease and with insecticides and bed nets to prevent it in the first place. Doolittle’s goal is to help eliminate malaria once and for all in her lifetime.

If you have a question, send it in now! Use the comment form below or ask your question on video and send it in to I-Report. I’ll interview Doolittle Monday in New York City, where I’m hosting a Town Hall Forum on service, education and character in America. Look for your questions on Friday, when the interview airs on CNN Live Video.

Source:’s Young People Who Rock blog: Melinda Doolittle

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