Posted by: Regina | November 9, 2007

James Sun – Apprentice Finalist and Zoodango CEO

James Sun on the Arirang TV Heart to Heart set

A good thing about my new cell phone is the DMB technology.  That means I can watch TV and listen to radio during my commutes to and from work.

On the way home this evening I heard an interview from Heart to Heart which is a talk show on the Arirang TV network here in Korea.  In the episode I heard, James Sun was being interviewed.  At the end he talked about his commitment to giving back.  He shared a story about an orphan he’d met and expressed his gratitude for someone who’d helped his family when they needed it. He said he wanted to support orphans and help them with a network. In Korean society your network is crucial in so many ways, so it was nice to hear someone recognizes the need to help. He also mentioned that he’s a sponsor with World Vision.

When I get more details of the orphan charity he supports, I’ll post it here. I used to tutor Korean orphans and, since I’m an adoptee, I often wondered what their lives were like once they leave and have to support themselves.

Source: Arirang TV – Heart To Heart: James Sun, CEO of

You can view it, but you have to register. The episode aired on Oct. 22, 2007.

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