Posted by: Regina | November 9, 2007

Paris Hilton: FILA Korea’s Fast Forward

It’s really too easy to pick on Paris: Paris Hilton Speaks Out For Drunk Elephants

However, I’m going to take the other route and give her a positive shout out for donating her time and money to a Korean charity, FILA Korea’s – Fast Forward, while she was in Seoul this week.  The charity benefits children suffering from heart disease.

You might like her or you might hate her, but I’m sure her donation and endorsement will help some kids who really need it.

Nice going Paris.

Source: Newsen – [포토엔]패리스 힐튼, 심장병 어린이 도와 기뻐요 and Newsen – [포토엔]한국방문 힐튼, 심장병 어린이에 기부금 전달., is a Korean newspage, so it’s all in Korean (sorry folks).

Thanks to my friends Michael Hurt, for the tip, and Park, Jeong-hyun, for language help, with this one.

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