Posted by: Regina | November 15, 2007

Look To The Stars

I’m writing pieces for the Look To The Stars website now. 

Here is a description of that site:

This site was launched in 2006 by a husband-and-wife team, Steve & Lia Purcell, and is now the work of a large team of dedicated contributors.

Lia wanted to create a site to publicize the many wonderful things that celebrities are doing to help the world. We hope to help charities by inspiring their celebrity supporters’ fans to follow their heroes’ example.

Steve and Lia run the site through their UK registered company Myrlia Associates Ltd, and act as senior editors for our talented team of contributing writers listed at right, who are located in the US, Europe and Asia.

As the objectives of this blog and their site are the same, it’s a great match.

What I’ll do is quote and link to what I write there as it makes no sense to duplicate any post from scratch. I’ll categorize all of those reposts as “Look To The Stars” so it’s clear it’s been published on their site.

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