Posted by: Regina | November 24, 2007

Repost: Gary Cole Supports Autism Cause

Gary Cole Supports Autism Cause

Gary Cole, star of the upcoming HBO series “12 Miles of Bad Road”, has participated via video in a salute to the 38 families featured in a new book on an issue faced by millions of families around the world.

“Autism Heroes: Portraits of Families Meeting the Challenge” has been compiled by Dr. Barbara Firestone, president and CEO of The Help Group, an organization that serves a wide range of special needs children. The salute took place on October 28 at The Help Group’s Sherman Oaks Campus in California and celebrated the new book, which features accounts and experiences of families affected by the challenges that autism can pose.

Gary Cole is The Help Group’s National Celebrity Spokesperson, and recently appeared on Larry King Live with Ed Asner, Toni Braxton, and Bill Cosby in a discussion on autism. The Coles, whose teenage daughter suffers from the condition, were also one of the 38 families featured in the “Autism Heroes” book.

In the video clip, Gary and Teddi Cole spoke of the importance of access to quality information and the importance of speaking openly about autism, as there is still a stigma surrounding the disorder. In addition, the Coles wrote one of the forwards to the “Autism Heroes” book.

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  1. As the parent of an autistic child, YAY. Kudos to Gary Cole for being a voice that we so badly need. Autism is often hidden or quietly dealt with — as though the glares we get from people on the street and other strangers can be quietly dealt with — and celebrities have only recently come out more frequent comments in support of autism. So glad to see autism coming out of the shadows so it will hopefully be as accepted as any other disability, and we parents get more understanding.

  2. I’m glad I could help by sharing the story.

    Other celebrities like Toni Braxton and JennyMcCarthy, both of whom have children with autism, are speaking out on it too. It really is about spreading awareness.

    I know that Larry King did a show with them recently. I saw that and I learned something from it.

  3. Jenny McCarthy has done a world of good for autism awareness. Even if people don’t agree with her, they are at least reading about it and understanding it more than they would have otherwise. Wasn’t that Larry King show wonderful? Sad it takes a celebrity to get attention to autism disorder, but we’re grateful.

  4. I know she’s pushing nutritional changes of some sort that are somewhat controversial. But as a mom, that’s her choice as long as her child is being taken care of. I had no idea her child had autism. Toni Braxton is also doing some good stuff.

    It takes celebs to bring attention to a lot of things. For some reason, the post-1960s generations suffer from a collective inertia of stillness. Maybe it was because the 60s had such huge movememts: civil rights, sexual revolution, women’s equality, the Vietnam protests, etc. So much seemed to get done from fashion to culture and a lot got done.

    Mistakes were made too. In the 60s they stigmatized Vietnam vets. We’ve learned. However, we’ve yet not learned how to protest a war without punishing the soliders. I think that’s one reason there aren’t many protests right now. People don’t want to punish our forces. I know I don’t.

    Inertia however causes things like apathy and ignorance because people don’t take the time to inform themselves. Celebs are needed for that reason. They attract attention and, hopefully, inform and mobilize your regular Joes and Janes 😉

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