Posted by: Regina | March 12, 2008

Extreme Celebrity Giving, Really?

Extreme Giving?

This is an interesting article: Extreme Celebrity Giving. However, I question whether it’s truly “extreme” giving or if it’s what a person ought to do for causes that inspire them if they have the fame, money and influence that comes with fame.

Personally, if taking action rather than giving money is considered extreme then I’ve done my fair share of extreme giving too. I’ve volunteered on sight for certain causes. I’ve donated personal items. I’ve used what little pull I have to get others involved too. I’ve also donated money.

Some examples of celebrity philanthropy in this article:

  • Stars, including Victoria Beckham, posing nude to bring attention to the Marc Jacobs skin cancer charity.
  • Naomi Campbell was listed for her Fashion For Relief shows in which celebrities like BeyoncĂ©, Wyclef Jean, Faye Dunaway and Rio Ferdinand were models.
  • Stars that’ve parted with personal items were also listed.
  • Celebrities and other notable people who’ve made movies bringing attention to the causes important to them are listed.
  • Celebrities who’ve engaged in civil disobedience are listed.

I simply don’t understand what the fuss is about.

The article states that Julianne Moore, Dita Von Teese and Naomi Campbell also posed for Marc Jacobs’ last year and Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Pamela Anderson have posed in the buff for PETA. For me, it seems completely logical for stars that are considered physically attractive to use their looks, including nudity, to get attention for causes near and dear to them. In general, people don’t seem to complain much when celebrities do it strictly for money with nude scenes in movies or even Playboy pictorials. Would such cases be “extreme money making”?

I’m also a bit confused about how extreme it is for someone to call on their friend’s help for causes that are important to them. I know I’ve worked in teams for certain causes like HIV/AIDS and even from grade school children are taught to raise funds from those near them by selling candy bars and other items. The Girl Scouts have made it a worldwide tradition.

In general, the things that celebrities do to bring attention to charities, overall, is good. I’d say it’s not extreme at all, but the responsibility of someone with a lot of fame and power to use the power they have to help others.

Here is a link to pictures of extreme giving: In Pictures: Extreme Celebrity Giving. Most of these aren’t extreme at all.

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