About This Blog

It’s now 2011 and here is an update.  I moved my blogging over to Look to the Stars pretty early into this.

However, in 2009 I moved home from South Korea back to the USA.  My focus turned to getting settled and relatively solvent in NYC.  I did a few articles for LTTS during that time but haven’t been able to continue.  We’ll see if that will change, and I certainly hope it does.   However, any new content from me would be on that site, so check there.  Also, go there to check out the stories that they’re still churning out.  It’s a great site!

The reason I started this blog is simple.  I got sick and tired of all the negativity out there when it comes to celebrities. Actually, that applies not just to celebs but to the world in general.  No one is perfect and that means I’m guilty of going down that negative road too.  However, I did my part to reverse course.  I knew this would be a mere drop in the bucket as there is so much celebrity sludge out there, but it’s a start.

Also, I don’t mean that celebrities are good while other people are not.  That would be silly.  It’s about celebrities doing good things for others.  It’s pretty simple.

The objective was to find good stories about celebrities doing good things.   It was really a bit of an experiment which led to me joining a team blog on the same topic (not bad).  We know scandal sells, but I thought it was out of control.  So thanks for stopping by.  Leave a comment if you want and, most importantly, spread positive messages.



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  2. 🙂

  3. Thanks.

    I’ve been neglecting it over the past few weeks. However, that’s because right after I started it, I got an assignment for a local paper and I was just about to go on vacation.

    Now that I’m back and things are settling down, I’ll get back to this and a couple of other blogs I should be more active on.

    Thanks for the smile 😉

  4. What are you doing, now? I ask because the last time this seemed to have been updated was in 2009? 🙂

    • Right. Life goes on. I was in the habit of reposting links from the Look to the Stars site because I moved my writing there. Now, however, I’m too busy to even write for them. For now, this party is over. Thanks for asking.

    • Google is your friend. 🙂

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